AIME’s Battle Against Trigger Leads

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AIME’s Battle Against Trigger Leads

Aug 18, 2023 | News | 0 comments

In collaboration with AIME, the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts, attention is being directed toward safeguarding consumer privacy by addressing trigger leads. Trigger leads arise when a loan application prompts a credit report inquiry, leading credit bureaus to sell borrowers’ loan search data to lenders, resulting in unsolicited calls. AIME aims to join the movement to halt or reduce this practice.

Katie Sweeney, Chairman and CEO of AIME, highlighted their primary objective of enhancing transparency in an interview with Mortgage Professional America. She mentioned the inadequately enforced regulations causing confusion and mistrust. The influx of offers affects diverse consumer groups, with a disproportionate impact on first-time homebuyers and those lacking financial education. AIME aims to educate lawmakers and the public, emphasizing the need for transparency and likening financial data protection to medical confidentiality.

Likewise, the anticipation of privacy applies here. Just as you trust doctors to keep your health info confidential, the sale of financial data demands similar respect. This encompasses your private credit history and financial well-being, sold to unfamiliar lenders. Brendan McKay, AIME’s advocacy president, concurred, denouncing excessive practices and deceptive lender messages. Credit bureaus’ relative lack of opposition suggests potential alignment with tighter regulations.

The prominence of trigger leads has surged due to the housing industry slowdown, according to Sweeney. She explained that the intensified market has led to increased lead purchases for client interactions. However, these contacts aren’t consensual, causing annoyance and deception. AIME’s stance isn’t against an outright ban but aims to raise awareness and propose practical solutions to reduce, not eliminate, the practice and enhance transparency.

McKay observed that Congressman Richie Torres’ legislation lacked precision regarding the mortgage sector and struggled to gain momentum. Yet, strong backing for trigger lead regulation has fostered determination. McKay reported that more than 2,000 members had contacted their congressional representatives, expressing support. AIME aims to vigorously advocate for this cause.

AIME’s leaders often visit Washington, D.C. to discuss mortgage industry concerns with lawmakers. They escalated advocacy last year by enlisting lobbying firm Forbes Tate Partners, emphasizing communication and engagement strategies for Capitol Hill. Described as bipartisan, Forbes Tate specializes in government relations, communications, advocacy, and coalition management.