Avoiding Digital Multifamily Marketing Mistakes

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Avoiding Digital Multifamily Marketing Mistakes

Jun 27, 2023 | News | 0 comments

The success of any multifamily community heavily relies on the power of efficient digital marketing. This is because digital marketing serves as the primary driver of numerous qualified leads, which ultimately results in signed leases when executed effectively.

As per the 2022 NMHC/Grace Hill Renter Preferences Survey, a significant 83 percent of potential renters explored the website of a property or company while searching for an apartment. Additionally, almost three-quarters (73 percent) visited rental listing platforms like Apartment.com or Rent.com, while 40 percent checked out the property’s social media channels during their apartment hunt.

Nevertheless, it is not unusual to encounter errors in digital marketing, which can have adverse effects on both your occupancy rate and financial performance.

Avoid these typical errors in digital marketing.

Ineffective Prospecting Strategies

Know your target customers and personalize your marketing for an emotional connection. Use specific keywords like “apartments near Vanderbilt University” to attract quality traffic. Showcase lifestyle through event photos instead of cocktail recipes for social media engagement. Remove expired specials from your website and update content with new attractions to entice renters. Adjust website keywords for nearby developments, like a new soccer stadium.

Announcing Specials on Social Media

Remember to use ample tagged photos and avoid slow-loading videos. Highlight amenities on community websites for easy access and influence potential renters. Feature specials on your website and popular listing sites like Apartments.com. Avoid posting discounted rent on social media visible to current residents to prevent conflicts.

Neglecting Mobile Users

Consider mobile users in apartment searches. Analyze Google Analytics for browsing patterns. Optimize the loading and prioritize key details for visibility. Complete your Google Business Profile for substantial benefits. Include floor plans, hours, and locations for better listing performance with Google Ads. Just five minutes can greatly amplify results.

To avoid these common errors, it is crucial to have a qualified digital marketer or a dedicated team. If not available in-house, consider engaging a third-party vendor with expertise in digital marketing. Attending conferences like the Apartment Innovation & Marketing Conference helps stay updated on the latest trends and tools for effective community marketing.