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Street Address United StatesMailing Address 5607 New King Dr #270 Michigan 48098 United States Work Phone: (248) 743-1700 Website:


Our Story
LoanCraft has a deep understanding of the challenges facing lenders and the complexities of the loan approval process. Since 2003, LoanCraft has been helping financial institutions grow their top and bottom line revenue. We provide a wide range of products and services that help our clients provide outstanding service to their customers.

Our roots are in outsourced origination of real estate loans. Over the years we have helped banks add significant volume without investments in technology and payroll. Since 2003, we have originated nearly $2 billion in loans and HELOCs for several different national banks in 45 states, and we have done it in full compliance and consistent with the credit policies of our clients.

It’s that first hand experience with the challenges facing lenders that has led us to create innovative products and services to serve the market. LoanCraft’s mission is to continue to apply its subject matter expertise to creating innovative solutions that will improve productivity and increase client satisfaction.

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