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About MGIC
We’re proud to be leading the private mortgage insurance industry, supporting our customers and helping borrowers find a better way to achieve their dreams of homeownership.

We’ve helped 13.5 million people attain homeownership sooner
MGIC was founded in 1957 after Max Karl, a Milwaukee lawyer, saw how people struggled to save a 20% down payment. He also knew the risks lenders faced in lending to borrowers with low down payments. That’s why he invented the modern form of private mortgage insurance (PMI). With PMI, people can buy homes with as little as 3% down, and the risks to lenders are limited because MGIC insures a portion of the mortgage loan in the event of default.

Today, we’re still the premier MI provider, supporting the dream of homeownership. Learn about MGIC’s evolution from the days of avocado appliances to avocado toast.

We know what homeownership can do
At MGIC (Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation), we believe that homeownership opens the door to economic and social benefits, like wealth accumulation, family stability, improved education, safer neighborhoods, higher civic engagement, and even improved health. Not to mention, peace of mind.

Our product, private mortgage insurance (PMI), makes it possible for borrowers with low down payments to become homeowners and realize the benefits of owning a home. We take pride in helping people get the keys to their own homes sooner.

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