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SmartLeads Media is a full service marketing firm delivering customer acquisition and lead generations nationwide. Finding new clients and growing a business can be challenging. We unveil the secrets behind acquiring new business. From demographic research and campaign development to budgeting, sales techniques, tracking systems, and campaign management. We provide one place for ALL your new customer needs. We create custom marketing and advertising campaigns exclusively for each of our clients. That’s the Smart part. We employ all of the best of traditional marketing/advertising methods and cutting edge technology to create exclusive internet leads, call center leads and Live call transfers. Our latest specialty is Artificial Intelligence. Please do yourself a favor and ask us about AI and how we can put real people on the phone with you using AI. SmartLeads Media clients acquire more new customers by implementing our targeted marketing campaigns and professional services. They have been since1999. Our ability to target and connect you with the most qualified prospects gives you the ability to acquire more new business and most importantly, retain that new business customers for years to come.

Exclusive real-time Internet Leads

Artificial Intelligence-generated, Blind Transfers
This is NOT avatar. People interact with our AI in a series of Yes/No questions
The special sauce is Our Focused Data

TV/Radio Inbound Calls w/ a qualification buffer
Inbound Web Calls “click2call”
Targeted Direct Mail
Data Lists – Triggers & Credit Sure
IVR Voice Broadcasting – double opt-in
Live Call Transfers – US call centers
Media Planning
Exclusive & Branded Leads For The Following Industries
Addiction Recovery – TV/Radio Transfers – Call Center Verified PPO – Exclusive Web Form-Fill – API opt-in Leads – Aged Internet Leads
Speciality Insurance Products: – Annuity – Final Expense – Mortgage Protection Insurance – Life / Home / Auto
Mortgage Leads & Reverse Mortgage
Loan Modification
Credit Repair
IRS TAX Debt Resolutions
Debt Settlement
MLM/Business Opp
Auto Warranty
Home Warranty
Merchant Cash Advance
Payday Loan

If you don’t see your industry listed here, ask, because we work with over 60 different verticals.

Did you know…

•Contact ratios are above 70%

•Exclusive leads close at 4 to 7 times the ratio of shared leads.

•Closing ratios average 8-12% (funded loans)

•It’s much easier to hire LO’s when you have exclusive leads available

•Our clients take just 2 leads per day per Agent and maintain a full pipeline

•No contracts. No minimums. Common sense lead return policy – never pay for a bad lead!

Give us a call and we can tailor a custom lead campaign to meet your exact needs and budget!

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