Four Ways To Secure Funds For Your Down Payment And Closing Costs

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Four Ways To Secure Funds For Your Down Payment And Closing Costs

Sep 8, 2023 | News | 0 comments

The majority of contemporary loan programs typically mandate a down payment, often as low as 3% of the property’s purchase price. Nevertheless, a few programs stand out by not necessitating any down payment whatsoever, notably the VA home loan program and the USDA initiative tailored for rural regions.

VA loans are exclusively available to military veterans and a select group of borrowers, whereas the USDA program aims to boost rural area populations and offer financing for regions typically overlooked by conventional programs due to their remoteness.

Furthermore, acquiring a home loan involves associated closing expenses. These encompass one-time fees, like those incurred at the settlement table, such as appraisals or credit reports, among others. There are also recurring charges, such as interest and homeowners insurance. The question then arises: Where can one obtain these funds? Are there acceptable sources for these funds?

Financial Account

Your lender will indeed scrutinize these accounts to verify the claimed funds’ availability. Lenders also prefer to see that these funds have a consistent history, so they shouldn’t appear out of the blue. Besides your regular paycheck, unexpected deposits may not qualify for use.

Pension Fund

Many retirement accounts allow loans, including 401(k)s through employers. Check with your employer for loan options. Lenders set varying repayment terms, deducted from your paycheck. Note that 401(k) loan terms vary by lender with no universal standards.

Monetary Present

You might also find yourself fortunate to receive a financial gift from a family member or an eligible source. Some non-profit organizations offer aid for home purchases. When receiving a gift, donors usually provide documentation confirming it’s a financial gift. These funds are usually transferred to the settlement agent on the closing date, and a signed letter from the donor might be necessary.

Sales of Assets

You may consider selling an appraisable asset to secure funds for your down payment and closing expenses. An appraisable asset is one whose value can be verified by third-party assessments. Selling an automobile, for instance, could be viable since third-party sources can provide current market valuations. It’s crucial to record both the asset’s value and the sale transaction. The proceeds should then be matched with a corresponding deposit in an account under your ownership.

You can access any of these resources. If you have any inquiries, make sure to communicate with your loan officer and iron out the specifics ahead of time.