Key Mortgage Services Appoints Two Area Managers To Strengthen Sales Team

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Key Mortgage Services Appoints Two Area Managers To Strengthen Sales Team

Aug 17, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Key Mortgage Services has introduced Jason Brown and LaToya Spann-Martin as the newly appointed area sales managers. In addition to their roles, they will lead the company’s recently established division focused on community impact and lending.

Bringing 23 years of lending experience, Brown will drive Key Mortgage’s sales growth with personalized strategies, according to the Chicago-based lender’s press release.

Having joined Key Mortgage in 2018, Spann-Martin will spearhead the launch of the lender’s new division focused on community engagement and education.

In response to this development, Ralph Melbourne, President of Key Mortgage Services, expressed that their actions are aimed at boosting volume. This involves investment in sales leadership, venturing into new markets, and sending a resolute signal about their enduring presence.

Key Mortgage’s commitment to enhancing loan officers’ skills and facilitating business expansion intrigued Brown. He highlighted the organization’s dedication to nurturing emerging talent and guiding top achievers towards greater accomplishments. Brown’s enthusiasm for fostering professional growth aligns with Key Mortgage’s environment, characterized by supportive leadership and a growth-oriented ethos. He views the company as an ideal platform to advance his career while contributing to others’ progress.

Spann-Martin believes that fostering generational wealth via homeownership plays a vital role in enhancing family bonds and the overall vitality of residential areas. As the leader of a team committed to addressing the requirements of underserved communities, she expressed her privilege in this role. She anticipates collaborating closely with agents, community figures, non-profits, and local enterprises to pinpoint lending prospects that contribute to the progress and prosperity of families residing in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods.

Melbourne expressed confidence that Jason and LaToya will thrive in their new roles, further cementing Key Mortgage’s success. Jason’s decision to join reflects the organization’s supportive culture, fostering business growth and exceptional service. LaToya’s promotion to lead the Community Impact and Lending Division showcases Key Mortgage’s commitment to equitable homeownership and expanding into new markets.