Newfi Wholesale Wins NAMB Award

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Newfi Wholesale Wins NAMB Award

Sep 13, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Newfi Wholesale has received prestigious recognition from the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) as the Service Partner of the Year in the wholesale lender category. This esteemed award underscores Newfi Wholesale’s exceptional dedication and commitment to providing top-notch services within the mortgage industry. NAMB’s recognition serves as a testament to Newfi Wholesale’s unwavering support for mortgage brokers and its outstanding contributions to the wholesale lending sector.

Newfi Wholesale earned recognition for its unwavering commitment to nurturing the growth and achievements of mortgage brokers and loan officers nationwide. Newfi attributed its victory to its holistic approach in supporting mortgage brokers during the challenging landscape of today’s mortgage market, as stated in their official statement.

Newfi Wholesale stated in its press release that it has consistently showcased its dedication to assisting mortgage brokers nationwide by utilizing a blend of inventive product offerings to facilitate more closed deals, thorough non-QM training programs, proprietary technology, and exceptional service.

Newfi Wholesale CEO, Steven Abreu, expressed his gratitude for being bestowed with the Service Partner of the Year award from NAMB. He emphasized their dedication to equipping mortgage brokers and loan officers with the necessary tools, training, and technology to succeed in a continually changing market. Abreu stated that this award serves as validation of their commitment to this mission.

Newfi is set to receive the award during the NAMB National Annual Mortgage Conference in Las Vegas on September 10th. This annual gathering unites numerous mortgage experts from all corners of the United States, comprising NAMB members, educators, government representatives, and industry collaborators.

In an interview with MPA, NAMB President Ernest Jones Jr. expressed that NAMB National will serve as their stage to showcase the accomplishments of the organization with the many individuals who have contributed to NAMB’s role as the sole entity dedicated to fostering marketplace growth over the past five decades.