Pennymac TPO And ARIVE Team Up For Improved Mortgage Services

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Pennymac TPO And ARIVE Team Up For Improved Mortgage Services

Jul 13, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Pennymac TPO, a leading mortgage lender, has recently announced a strategic partnership with ARIVE, an innovative loan origination platform and wholesale marketplace. This collaboration aims to empower mortgage brokers and non-delegated correspondent lenders by providing them with advanced technology and a robust network of lenders. Through this partnership, Pennymac TPO and ARIVE seek to streamline the mortgage application process, enhance efficiency, and ultimately improve the overall experience for borrowers.

Pennymac TPO has successfully integrated with the ARIVE platform, a renowned marketplace connecting independent brokers with lenders, borrowers, and various third-party vendors. The collaboration aims to enhance the overall experience for mortgage brokers and non-delegated partners by providing them with expanded access to advanced technology. This integration aligns with Pennymac TPO’s commitment to offering a superior experience to its partners, allowing them to scale their businesses and achieve greater success. Kim Nichols, senior managing director of Pennymac TPO, expressed excitement about this partnership and its potential to support their partners’ growth and excellence

She expressed her anticipation in providing ongoing support to contribute to the continued success of their TPO partners.

In a news release, ARIVE Chief Executive Harish Tejwani expressed his excitement in welcoming Pennymac TPO as an integrated lender partner to their expanding network of ARIVE partners. Tejwani highlighted Pennymac TPO’s extensive experience in wholesale lending and their dedication to assisting brokers in achieving steady and sustainable growth while maintaining a high level of service.

Pennymac introduced its latest offering, POWER+, earlier this year, with the aim of providing brokers with increased speed, control, and transparency throughout the loan process. This product launch followed closely after the company’s strategic decision to rebrand and prioritize its focus on serving the third-party originator (TPO) market.