Revolution Mortgage Ventures into Reverse Mortgages, Names Morris as VP

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Revolution Mortgage Ventures into Reverse Mortgages, Names Morris as VP

Sep 14, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Ohio’s Revolution Mortgage, a national mortgage lender, is venturing into reverse mortgages. A seasoned industry expert Peter Morris will lead the initiative as VP of reverse mortgage lending. Established in 2018, Revolution Mortgage intends to leverage Morris’s expertise to introduce reverse mortgages across its nationwide branches, expanding its services.

Morris, speaking to RMD, mentioned that the reverse mortgage sector is challenging for newcomers. Dealing with senior clients who prefer a slower pace makes it difficult for younger professionals to understand and navigate the product.

Peter Morris was instrumental in Revolution’s decision to establish its reverse mortgage division. He clarified that Morris and his team’s expertise were crucial in turning this vision into a reality.

He emphasized his role in providing comprehensive training to all parties involved and ensuring the platform’s excellence. He conducts presentations nationwide for real estate agents, financial planners, and borrowers to highlight the product’s exceptional quality.

Morris owned a mortgage company from 1998 to 2008 but took a break for brain tumor treatment. When he re-entered the industry a few years later, he gained experience in reverse mortgages at companies like Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, AmeriFirst Financial, and Amres Corporation before joining Revolution last summer.

After returning to the industry, Morris decided to focus solely on reverse mortgages, leaving behind ownership of a mortgage company. He recognized the product’s potential and the needs of borrowers, leading him to dedicate his efforts to helping seniors improve their quality of life.

Morris’s daughter, Nicole Webster, aids the new division, focusing on back-end tasks and tech integration. He believes Revolution’s fresh approach brings clarity to the reverse mortgage market.

He clarified that his decision to join the team was driven by the inspiring vision of their young company. Revolution’s foray into the reverse market is not solely motivated by profit margins but by a genuine commitment to helping seniors, recognizing their vital role in this endeavor.

Morris’s perspective is rooted in demographic trends, with the aging U.S. population seeking ways to access their home equity. He sees the next two decades as a significant opportunity to assist seniors, aligning with his motto of “helping seniors enjoy the rest of their lives.” Revolution’s commitment is not driven by financial motives but by a genuine desire to support seniors, making it a valuable addition to their mission.