Xome Teams Up With Plunk For AI-Powered Analytics

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Xome Teams Up With Plunk For AI-Powered Analytics

Aug 31, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Xome, situated in Dallas, Texas, a subsidiary of Mr. Cooper Group Inc., has partnered with Plunk, an AI-driven real estate analytics platform. Their collaboration offers property investors AI-guided home remodel analysis. Xome Holdings LLC is an asset management firm offering mortgage servicers comprehensive real estate services, recapture solutions, and more.

Under the Plunk partnership, Xome.com enables real estate investors exploring auction properties to thoroughly assess single-family homes using the Plunk Remodel Value tool. This tool predicts post-renovation property values and suggests high-value remodeling projects, aiding buyers in making informed decisions for maximum property value enhancement.

Mike Rawls, Xome’s CEO, expressed the company’s dedication to enhancing the homebuying journey. He conveyed enthusiasm about extending inventive solutions to property investors pursuing optimal real estate returns. Rawls emphasized that these tools enable clients to assess diverse scenarios, weighing expenses and value gains from significant renovations to minor home improvements.

The initial stage of these fresh tools is accessible on Xome.com, while broader inclusion and improvements are presently being developed.

Brian Lent, Plunk’s Co-Founder and CEO, highlighted how Plunk empowers investors with well-informed choices. He noted Xome’s prominence as a top home search and investment resource, underscoring the added benefit of unified access to premier search, valuation, and renovation analysis tools, all on a single platform.

In the latter part of the previous year, Xome welcomed James Curl as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. With over 15 years of leadership in technology and innovation roles at significant companies like T-Mobile and Deloitte, he brings expertise in managing extensive digital transformation projects to his new role.

Xome’s collaboration with the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) aims to extend affordable housing availability in the U.S. This initiative grants dedicated, eligible buyers early access to properties listed on Xome.com, aiding their efforts in revitalization for affordable housing. The partnership aligns with The White House’s housing priorities, targeting the sale of 100,000 properties to owner occupants and nonprofits within three years. Additionally, Xome and NCST will jointly support the Claims Without Conveyance of Title (CWCOT) program by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), enabling an exclusive 30-day first-look sales period for owner occupants, government entities, and approved non-profits.