A Strategy For Combating Digital Mortgage Giants

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A Strategy For Combating Digital Mortgage Giants

Jan 7, 2023 | News | 0 comments

A long-running battle over how people buy homes was rekindled this fall by Zillow’s $500 million acquisition of ShowingTime. Mortgages and real estate have always been complementary, but there are rising efforts to create one-stop shops for browsing, buying, and financing.

Financially backed companies want to make homebuying as easy as possible by taking over the entire process of searching for a home and closing using a system that models Amazon. The conventional mortgage industry and real estate agents are at war with the “Amazonians” whether they are aware of it or not.

We often vilify digital loan companies as predators who will destroy your niche if we don’t watch out. It’s important to remember that these brands weren’t necessarily the cause of the problem. It is their response to the changing consumer needs and wants.

The Modern Borrowers

There is a rapid change in the profile of today’s borrowers. Self-directed experiences are preferred by many potential clients. Many clients enjoy the fact that they can apply for loans at 2 a.m. wearing pajamas and watching Netflix in the comfort of their homes.

Most people understand that getting a home loan shouldn’t be as simple as ordering pizza over the phone. Mortgage originators who stay on top will utilize this innate knowledge to their advantage. Providing answers to the questions and solving the problems of digital home seekers in their market will be their main goals.

The Battle Plan

The key to competing in the future is to develop a battle plan. You should start by identifying what people don’t like about highly automated or impersonal loan factories. Are their questions answered and do they feel as if someone is working with them? Does someone on the other side have the ability to connect them with loan products that will increase their chances of getting approved? Taking these things should be of valuable consideration.

The Amazonian tactics need to be duplicated on a scaled basis by independent originators looking to protect their niches. Therefore, you should invest your advertising dollars in creating a high-converting landing page. Ensure that a lead can go to your landing page on their own and have a fully self-directed experience like those provided by digital giants.