New Vista Solutions Integrates with Flueid to Enhance Home Equity Lending Process

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New Vista Solutions Integrates with Flueid to Enhance Home Equity Lending Process

Apr 19, 2023 | News | 0 comments

A platform catering to home-equity lenders, which consolidates vendor management, has incorporated a clear-to-close resolution specifically for home-equity transactions.

According to a news release, New Vista Solutions has integrated with Flueid to add immediate title data and decision-making capabilities to their vendor management process for home-equity originations. This integration enhances the workflow for a more efficient process.

New Vista Solutions President, Gary Kasper, expressed enthusiasm in the announcement regarding the collaboration with Flueid to provide a solution that will simplify the home-equity lending process for lenders.

According to New Vista Solutions, Flueid aids in real estate transactions by providing title data and insights at the beginning of each residential real estate workflow. This helps optimize processes, automate systems, decrease costs, and transaction timelines, thereby reducing the time to close to five days or less. Additionally, this streamlined process enhances the overall customer experience.

New Vista, based in Austin, Texas, is offering the promise of streamlining capabilities for home-equity lending. They state that with upfront title guidance, lenders can improve margins and efficiency, and simultaneously decrease costs and loan cycles.

The new offering also features a rapid customer pre-qualification process and identification of potential borrowers who are eligible to expedite their loan applications.

Peter Richter, Flueid’s co-founder and president, stated in the media release, “Lenders aim to achieve a home-equity closing in five days or less with newfound speed and simplicity, and New Vista Solutions is taking a leading role in helping them achieve this goal. By incorporating their core services with our title data and intelligence, we’re enabling lenders to save time and money throughout the home-equity lifecycle, while simultaneously improving the customer experience.”

Kasper further stated that the release of this innovative product is delivering significant efficiency to the home-equity lending process.